Latest News August 2018

In this issue we report on a new member of our management team, Simon Apsley, who will be playing a key role in running our customer’s projects and business growth.

I hope this provides a useful update on us!

Vibration Analysis Consultancy

Motorsport Design & Analysis

We are currently highly active in the field of vibration prediction of machines and large structures.

Using NASTRAN to predict a whole variety of problems such as those listed below is ongoing:

  • Forced Vibration
  • Tuning of structures natural frequencies
  • Rotordynamic analysis of rotating machinery and its supports
  • Fatigue prediction
  • Shock Analysis
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Tuning our customers design to avoid unwanted frequencies is a regular requirement.

Gas Turbine Development Engineering

This market is one were we are highly active at present.

Working in the field of future gas turbine development, ranging from combustion equipment research concepting, experimental rigs for a variety of engine stages, Nozzles, Intakes and much more!

This market demands very high power computing to crunch large numbers and hence recent investments in new computing hardware (high spec workstationsions with SSD’s and huge memory installed) has been made to allow us to cope with ever increasing model sizes.

We are also investing in our NX Software tools in the field of data management.

Submersible Marine Structures

Mainly working in the Defence sector, we are highly active in the design and concept design of new types of composite excrecencies on both surface and sub surface vessels. This market puts to work our niche capabilities in the field of advanced composite design and material modelling an prediction. We have a research and development project underway which takes our capabilities to model composites even further coming soon too! Shock and vibration analysis and supporting composite fatigue prediction is also very active.

New Management Team Member

Simon Apsley joins our senior management as a Team Leader running our design and analysis group. Simon brings with him a wealth of experience in engineering consultancy and bolsters our group which has grown over the last few months. Simon bolsters our team with key knowledge in the field of both aero engine development and a huge range of design consultancy in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Other additions to our team recently are Alex Johnson and Michael Phillips who are both working in the field of design and supporting analysis.
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