Latest News February 2022

We hope you have had a great start to the year! Please read on for the latest developments here at Frewer Engineering.

Filament Wound Pressure Vessels

Latest News February 2022

Frewer Engineering has specialist expertise in composites design, tailored to green energy markets. In this image we see a case study of a high-pressure type IV carbon-wrapped hydrogen fuel tank, to be used in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Our team use combined composite design and analysis capabilities to produce synthesised layup models, for fast design iteration and optimisation. These are followed up with full composite layup models, for structural assurance in support of final certification. Working closely with our manufacturing partners, in this case CCP Gransden in Ballygowan, Norther Ireland, we have developed unique in-house software tools which allow us to translate between CAD/CAM robotic filament winding software, and our own structural analysis software, enabling different filament-wound designs to be modelled swiftly and accurately. CCPs have a wealth of robotic infrastructure and tooling, ideal for prototyping and early-stage development trials. To find out more about CCP Gransden please visit their website here.

Composite Staff Development

Composite Staff

In his time with us Dharam Randhawa has developed an extensive knowledge of engineering design and analysis, with particular focus on composite structures. He has also been taking on more responsibilities, leading projects, using his advanced skill set to guide the composite team as well as deliver technical work. Dharam has also been exploring cutting-edge composite software to ensure the wider composites team are aware of the latest modelling and analysis trends, ensuring our customers receive an efficient and comprehensive service, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Adding to his development, Dharam has recently completed his submission for engineering professional accreditation. Our composites customers will be seeing a lot more of Dharam in the future!

Advanced CFD Analysis

Frewer CFD

At Frewer Engineering we are always looking to build on our capabilities to stay up to date with the most demanding requirements from our customers. This can include very high-fidelity simulations of fluid flow problems that go beyond usual industry standards. Our CFD experts are currently working on Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) models, combining the lower computational demand of Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) solvers and the accuracy of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) below turbulent length scales. This way complex fluid behaviours such as vortex shedding can be understood to a much higher degree.

Cyclic Symmetry Analysis of Fan Blades

Cyclic Symmetry Analysis

Gas turbine blade assemblies, including fan, compressor and turbine blades, are exposed to high rotational speeds, aerodynamic loading and extreme pressures and temperatures. It is essential that these blade sets are analysed to ensure integrity and performance in operation. Frewer Engineering uses cyclic symmetry analysis to efficiently assess full blade sets, representing them with a single blade or cluster of blades. This method results in reduced model size, thus saving time and cost for the customer without compromising on the quality of the results.

Thermal Analysis Software

Advanced Engineering Division

Frewer Engineering are continuously looking at ways of expanding our analysis capabilities and enhancing existing ones. A common problem we face is the prediction of flow rates and heat transfer coefficients within gas turbine secondary air systems. To enhance our current service our engineers have begun trialling the FlowNex simulation environment – a 1D flow network analysis tool which is widely used within the aerospace and nuclear industries. Successful incorporation of FlowNex with our existing tools and processes will allow our engineers to create powerful and efficient coupled models to predict cooling air flow rates, metal temperatures, component stresses and deflections for complex mechanical systems such as turbine rotor stator cavities. For more information on FlowNex visit their website here.

STEM Outreach

STEM outreach - egg drop challenge

This month one of our engineers, Geoff Sherwood, was lucky enough to engage with the next generation of engineers through a STEM Outreach session, helping the Hartley Wintney Brownie Troop on their way to achieving their aviation badges. The challenge was to create a device in groups of three that would safely land an egg when dropped from a height. The stages of an engineering project were discussed, and the brownies were able to prototype, draft and test their creations all in one evening! The range of ideas on show was refreshing and in the end the test pilot egg (Amelia Egghart) managed to survive almost all the base jumps. The Brownies certainly seemed to enjoy the creative activity and hopefully they learned a thing or two about engineering in the process!

Company Re-Structure

Frewer Office

At the beginning of this year we re-organised our business, combining our advanced engineering divisions back into one, more agile, core unit. By doing so our engineering resource is able to seamlessly integrate between projects, bringing cross-pollination, fresh outlooks and increased agility for our customers. With oversight from our highly experienced senior team, our engineers are now better equipped than ever to deliver world class solutions to demanding customer challenges, keeping up to date with the latest technologies across industry to ensure a comprehensive and cutting-edge service. Furthermore, our new structure emphasises the development of our staff to focus in key areas of specialism, so our customers can benefit from a unique range of expertise under one roof. As part of our new direction we are also in the process of hiring experienced technical experts to further bolster our capabilities.

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