Latest News January 2022

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Design & CFD Analysis Showcase

Latest news January 2022

In recent years we have significantly boosted our expertise in design and multi-physics modelling of aero-engine combustor test equipment. Combining CAD with our CFD and FEA software allows us to design, assess and optimise structures that, in some cases, are operating above the melting temperature of the materials in use. For more information on our capabilities take a look at our video example of these methods in use… 

Advancing in The Space Sector

Space Equipment Design & Analysis

At Frewer Engineering we have a long history of supporting the Space Sector. Over this time, we have built an inherent understanding of the challenges our customers face when achieving their exacting requirements; from careful material selection and analysis using aggressive loads cases to the generation of robust safety cases to substantiate design. We support our customers across a variety of projects, from turnkey design and make programmes through to more specialist analytical tasks. We are excited to see this sector grow at Frewer as the Space Industry continues to expand in the UK and beyond. 

How We Manage…

Our Director of Engineering with his Leadership and Management Diploma

Our Director of Engineering, Simon Apsley, recently completed a higher-level Diploma in Leadership and Management with the Chartered Managers Institute (CMI), which stands beside his Chartered Engineer status. Chartered Manager is the highest professional status that can be achieved in management and leadership, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the industry. The training is widely regarded as the gold standard for Senior Managers & is particularly suited to professionals engaged in strategy development for growing businesses in the tech sector, highly applicable to Frewer Engineering. Chartered Manager status is also held by our Founder, Chief Engineer and Managing Director, Peter Frewer, who is a Fellow of the CMI.

Better Connected Than Ever

Frewer Engineering office

We are continually investing in infrastructure at Frewer Engineering to keep our services up to speed with the latest technology. Consequently, we are improving our internet and server connectivity to further enhance our workflow, with double ported CAT6 connectivity and direct-line broadband. Paired with an all new highly secure server system we will be setting the industry standard for the speed and security of our operations.

Advanced Rotordynamics Showcase

Video showcasing our rotordynamics capabilities

To ensure our customers are informed on the range of services we provide at Frewer Engineering, we have a variety of showcase videos on our YouTube channel explaining some of our specific areas of expertise. Our latest videos include the application of our CFD methods on an electric VTOL aircraft and an example of a rotordynamic assessment of a rotor and its support structure. Head on over to our channel now to learn more about our advanced design and analysis techniques! 

New Year, New Structure

Growth at Frewer

Our number one priority at Frewer Engineering is ensuring our customer’s needs, no matter how novel or creative, are met to world-class standards. To give our clients tailored access to our advanced engineering resource, we have assembled our divisions into a unified team. This team pool structure allows us to allocate our capability with more agility than ever, whilst the team benefits from continuous oversight via highly experienced subject matter experts. Furthermore, our new engineer development programme encourages our graduates to excel in a broad spectrum of engineering skills, whilst focussing on their key strengths and interests. Whether it be technical expertise or project management, our grads are empowered to grow into highly-capable, independent engineers and work towards chartered engineer status. 

Frewer Engineering… Going Green!

Our environmentally friendly Chilly bottles

As we set our sights on being carbon net-zero at Frewer, we believe every step to lowering our carbon footprint and being environmentally conscious matters. In pursuit of this, we have issued all our staff with metallic vacuum flask bottles for office use. This is in an effort to reduce our collective consumption of plastic single-use bottles, replacing them with the metallic, reusable, recyclable alternative. Going hand in hand with our efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, sustainability is now firmly seated in our core business values and top-level business strategy.

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