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Welcome to the Frewer Engineering latest news September 2022.


Continued expansion of our capabilities continues along with new staff


Future Gas Turbine Propulsion Development

Gas Turbine Internal

It’s been an exciting couple of months for the advanced engineering team as a new gas turbine rig project gets underway. This project focuses on the design and analysis of a state-of-the-art compressor and turbine test rig that will enable testing of a variety of scaled fan, compressor, and turbine blade geometries.

The team have been busy producing initial concept work; sizing and down selecting rig systems including pressure vessels, bearings, motors and gearboxes. This has involved preliminary CFD analyses of flow paths, rotordynamics analyses of rotating sections, and FEA of support structures. 

With the Concept Design Review quickly approaching, it’s full steam ahead to integrate the systems and outline the rig architecture for the next phase!

CFD – a tool for concept design?


Integrated design & computational fluid dynamics analysis can supercharge the concept phase of projects with critical thermal and fluid flow presentation requirements. CFD analysis paired with our high-performance computing makes identifying, quantifying, and visualising flow features feasible and timely even in early concept stages. Subsequently our engineers can rapidly generate and test concept designs and use CFD to trade off requirements to produce systems that consider fluid performance goals from the outset. This allows us to implement intelligent mechanical design for managing flow in early stages to quickly reduce risk for our customers! Find out more about our CFD offering and how it integrates with our other advanced engineering services on our website.

Complex Pressure Vessel Design & Analysis

Complex Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis

Our engineering team are busy with the design of complex pressure vessel equipment and related pipework systems.

We add value where a customer requires both pressure vessel design along with thermal analysis and CFD capabilities too.

Modelling flow systems in complex environments is key here.


Shock & Vibration Analysis

Shock and Vibration Analysis

At Frewer Engineering, our engineers are well-versed in the assessment of structures subjected to dynamic loading, including shock and vibration. Our experienced staff can use a breadth of analytical techniques, from the use of relatively straightforward pseudo-static equivalent shock loads, up to explicit dynamic analysis of applied shock pulses and the use of fully coupled fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis where both the propagation of the shock wave and its interaction with a loaded structure are modelled. Our experience in vibration analysis includes the use of full transient dynamic FEA as well as response spectrum and random response techniques. Such methods have been employed across a range of industries, including naval, nuclear and aerospace. Our understanding and experience across the range of analytical methods allows us to select the most appropriate solution to our clients’ problems and to perform effective yet efficient analyses as required.

New staff join our team!

ben and harry

Frewer Engineering warmly welcomes Ben Luxmoore and Harry Buttle to the company. Both are Masters-level graduate engineers with a strong academic background from the University of Surrey. Ben has spent some time with Prismatic Ltd. – a company which develops novel Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) systems on behalf of BAE Systems. Harry comes to us with a robust capability in design, centred on composite materials for aerodynamic gas-path shaping and containment. Ben arrives with similar prior design experience, supporting complex development programmes, requiring novel design solutions. Ben has a keen interest in green and renewables projects and is making himself immediately at home, engaging in such projects for our key Renewables customers.

Kristian Ascends Kilimanjaro


One of our engineers, Kristian Mahon, successfully summitted Kilimanjaro this September to Uhuru Peak at 5,895m (19341ft) high! With the support of Frewer Engineering, Kristian raised £2,800 for his charity of choice, the Meningitis Research Foundation, an ambitious organisation with a global roadmap to defeat meningitis by 2030.
Many thanks to everyone who supported Kristian & the MRF in his high-altitude escapades… Any further donations to the MRF are greatly appreciated via the link below.

Simon becomes a fellow

Our Director of Engineering with his Leadership and Management Diploma

We are pleased to report that our Engineering Director, Simon Apsley has recently been awarded Fellowship status with Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE).
This builds on his recent achievement, becoming a Chartered Manager with Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
Simon is now running an ever expanding team of engineers in the Advanced Engineering Division of our business.

Continued investment in capabilities & equipment

1870 Building

We continue to invest in our capabilites in both software tools and computing hardware at our offices in Jayes Park (pictured here).
In order to support our clients needs for ever more complex CFD and advanced analysis modelling, we are introducing further high speed computing equipment.
More software too in the form CFD tools, design tools and investment in our MSC suite of analysis tools continues.

Our YouTube channel has a number of videos which the reader may find interesting!

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