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Gas Turbine FEA
Gas Turbine FEA and Design

Finite Element Analysis

We provide a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) service to industry, this service being one of our strongest capabilities. Continuous investment in new tools and technology along with staff development ensures we are the premier supplier of Finite Element Analysis consultancy services.

We currently run on high specification computers giving fast solve speeds for customers. Furthermore, we have the capability to run on Linux clusters for very large model solves, using our relationship with MSC (as a registered analysis consultant).

FEA results can be documented as required by our customers. We regularly produce analysis summary presentations as well as comprehensive stress reports that detail the outcomes of the assessment.

Our FEA Capabilities

  • Analysis of structures and mechanical assemblies – Including metallic and composite components
  • Gas turbine fan and compressor blade analysis – Including “unrunning” and large displacements
  • Non-linear analysis – Including non-linear buckling
  • Advanced vibration analysis – Including random, acoustic and forced vibrations
  • Thermal analysis – Including thermal transients and heat transfer
  • Impact & shock analysis – Including bird strike
  • Cyclo-symmetric analysis of rotating equipment
Fan blade FEA contour


Our FEA Tools

  • Siemens NX Analysis with UG NX NASTRAN
  • Siemens NX Femap with NX NASTRAN
  • MSC Patran and NASTRAN
  • MSC Dytran
  • Digimat

Our engineers also have expertise in SC03, ANSYS and other analysis software tools – used as specified by customer

FEA mesh of fan blade