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Gas Turbines Design and Analysis

The Gas Turbine market has always been at the forefront of our business and today we provide turnkey engineering consultancy services to aero-engine, power and marine gas turbine customers.

We employ advanced engineering design & analysis techniques to ensure our customers equipment is at the forefront of gas turbine engineering technology. Essentially, our consultancy service supports our customers by providing a research & development design service, allowing them to concentrate on the end product for entry into service.

Client Case

Designed an high speed rotating assembly to spin up a research fan blade to allow bird impact effects to be assessed along with development of explosive release systems. The project involved a very large fan blade resulting high loads causing imbalance in the assembly. This was a demanding requirement which pushed material strengths to the limit along with exceptionally tight time scales. Project was delivered on time and budget and tests indicated a success for the end customers plans.


Significant capabilities have been developed by us in the fields of gas turbine aerothermal demonstrator engine design along with advanced research fan set design. A list of some of our past customer projects is given below:

  • High speed rotating machinery design

  • Fan Blade Development Equipment design including Fan Rigs for Aero Performance assessment

  • Whole Engine Modelling (FEA)

  • Stiffness tuned structures for ground testing of gas turbines (wing pylon stiffness simulation)

  • Internal Aerodynamic test & research equipment design

  • Composite materials / lightweight engine intakes design

  • Turbine rigs design

  • Compressor rigs design