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Frewer Engineering provides the Nuclear Industry with design and analysis engineering consultancy services in a wide range of applications for research and development. Our engineers have a range of industry knowledge, having worked in the civil, naval, new-build, and fusion nuclear sectors, with many years’ experience of working with nuclear regulatory bodies and successfully delivering design and analysis in support of complex safety cases. In addition, our engineers have worked collaboratively with experts from the Nuclear sector; teaming with nuclear chemists, health physicists etc.


Design Capabilities

  1. Design for high vacuum (specialised sealing, dry lubrication etc.)
  2. Design for remote-handling (robotic welding, specialised fasteners etc.)
  3. Design for high thermal stresses – extremes of temperature from cryogenics to plasma heating
  4. Design to mitigate against arcing in high voltage environment
  5. Materials selection for temperature extremes and resistance to radiation
  6. Experience of reactor moderator and control materials
  7. Design for limited dose uptake, (managed welding times, ALARP requirements etc.)
  8. Novel shielding design; lead and steel shield wall development
  9. Novel air-flow management system design; glove-boxes, fume cupboards, clean rooms, contamination control etc.
  10. Design to meet a variety of pressure equipment codes (ASME & EN etc)


Advanced Analysis Capabilities

  1. Static structural assessment
  2. Non-linear analysis – Including non-linear buckling
  3. Advanced vibration analysis – Random, acoustic and forced vibrations
  4. Impact, shock and seismic analysis
  5. Lifetime assessment – including creep and fatigue
  6. Data analysis and statistical methods
  7. Fluid flow assessment – investigations to ensure adequate cooling, gas mixing, dilution etc
  8. Thermal analysis – Including thermal transients and heat transfer within challenging thermal environments
  9. Multiphysics calculations, including thermal radiation, multiphase flow
  10. Heat exchanger efficiency analysis including thermal protection of structures
  11. Pressure loss predictions within complex flow galleries


Software Tools

  1. Full suite of MSC Analysis tools, including SCFlow, MSC NASTRAN, MSC PATRAN, MSC DYTRAN, MSC MARC
  2. Full suite of SIEMENS NX Analysis tools, including FEMAP with NX NASTRAN
  3. MathCAD