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Frewer Engineering provides the Science Industry with design and analysis engineering consultancy services in a wide range of applications for research and development.

Client Case

Tuning the stiffness of a scientific assembly. Design and analysis services were provided to a client requiring optimisation of a structure that supports highly accurate scientific equipment. The current design was assessed against the client’s dynamic response targets, design changes were then recommended and implemented to achieve them. Our highly integrated design and analysis teams were able to iterate quickly through possible solutions and deliver the project in an efficient manner.

science pipework

Design Capabilities:

  • Special purpose pressure vessels & piping design and analysis

  • Design to meet a variety of pressure equipment codes of safety (ASME & EN etc)

  • Composite material design for light-weighting and structural optimisation

Analysis Capabilities:

  • Structural Analysis – particular expertise in pressure equipment

  • Dynamic Analysis – advanced vibration and seismic analyses

  • Dynamic Transient Analysis – impact analysis of equipment during transportation

  • Thermal Analysis – previous experience of assessing vessels operating at over 1000°C

  • Non-linear Thermal Analysis

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