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Science Industry Design & Analysis

Frewer Engineering provides both a design and a design analysis engineering consultancy service to the science industry in a wide range of applications for research and development.

Client Case

Analysis of a pressure vessel containing strong exothermic reactions, the primary challenge was to ensure safety of containment of a nuclear process under development. On the back of this project, the client won significantly more orders, increasing turnover in the market sector by 400%.



We provide a complete composite structures design & structural analysis service. Our current capabilities include:

  • Special purpose pressure vessels & piping

  • Thermal analysis (previously we have assessed vessels operating at over 1000 deg C)

  • Design to meet a variety of pressure equipment codes of safety (ASME & EN etc)

  • Complex piping analysis design involving bellows

  • Finite Element Stress Analysis

  • Seismic analysis and advanced vibration analysis

  • Non linear thermal analysis of structures