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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Frewer Engineering provides a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics service in the areas of Thermofluids and Heat Transfer.

Our Design and Analytical teams within Frewer Engineering are closely allied, allowing us to take on efficient turnkey packages of design development and optimisation work. For example, we offer drag reduction design packages and heat exchanger design optimisation programmes using CFD and other analytical tools to refine and assure our designs prior to manufacture. For further information on our other analytical tools visit our services page.

The fidelity offered by our high-end analytical tools reduces the requirements for prototyping and physical testing and gives the greatest chance of success for new and innovative design options.

We regularly produce summary presentations from our analysis projects, as well as comprehensive formal reports which detail the full boundary conditions, assumptions and results of our analyses.


We have advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools which allow us to carry out the following types of engineering analyses for our clients:

  • Ventilation flow analysis to ensure adequate cooling, gas mixing, dilution etc
  • Heat exchanger efficiency analysis including thermal protection of structures
  • Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) predictions within challenging thermal environments
  • Pressure loss predictions within complex flow galleries for pump or fan specifications
  • Entrained particulate tracking analysis (multiphase flow) e.g. cyclone simulation
  • Plume analysis – jet projection and buoyant convection simulation
  • Meteorological simulation including atmospheric boundary layers
  • Aerodynamic optimisation for reduced drag of vehicles and vehicle components
  • Scoop, intake, exhaust and flow-splitter design and optimisation
  • Blade optimisation – design of turbomachinery, fans and marine propellers



We offer comprehensive services in Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis (FSI), for example:

  • Sloshing analysis of fluids within structures e.g. fuel tanks
  • Dynamic bird-strike analyses, including highly non-linear material models
  • Ditching and floating structural analysis
  • Heat transfer plus conduction modelling of loaded structures e.g. pressure boundaries


Analysis Tools

The following lists some of the CFD and FSI analysis tools currently in use by our engineers:

  • MSC Dytran (FSI)
  • scSTREAM (CFD)
  • scFLOW (CFD with Polyhedral Mesh)
  • SC/Tetra
  • HeatDesigner