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Composite structures design and analysis

Composite Structures Design & Analysis

Frewer Engineering provides composite structures design and analysis services to a wide range of customers in the composites industry including aerospace, marine, wind generation and space. We have extensive experience in the design of carbon, glass & aramid composite structures and have well proven links with a variety of composite component manufacturers.

Client Case

In common with all our composites projects, the development of an (E glass / Al Alloy Honeycomb) aero engine intake demanded weight saving and a high confidence of structural integrity. In addition to weight criticality, high loading created significant challenges, including overcoming a bad vibration environment. This was overcome by employing advanced forced vibration analysis design tools coupled with our knowledge of material strength allowables (we also designed the material itself).

Composite structures design and analysis


We provide a complete composite structures design & structural analysis service. Our current capabilities include:

  • Composite structures design & analysis consultancy

  • Composite materials selection specific for each application / concept lay-up definition

  • Beyond first ply failure analysis

  • Finite element analysis (linear & nonlinear) of structures (with large scale model size capability)

  • Drape analysis of materials

  • Damage analysis

  • Iterative weight saving modelling of components

  • 3D CAD modelling & surface modelling of components

  • Design of tooling with links to manufacturers

  • Coupon testing definition and qualification planning

  • Production of information for manufacture (ply placement etc.)

  • Design of foam and honeycomb core structures

  • Design using resin infusion moulding

  • Shock & impact damage modelling of composites

  • Lay-up data for manufacture (both digital & 3D CAD drawings)

With long term relationships with a key composite research establishment, we are able to access a wealth of materials data enabling us to design with confidence.

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