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Pressurised Systems Design & Analysis

Frewer Engineering provides an engineering consultancy service to customers requiring design or design analysis in the field of air & gas piping and related equipment.


Client Case

Design & structural analysis of an aero-engine pipework system. This pipework system was designed to duct hot (750 degrees C), high pressure (45 bar) air and withstand a high vibration environment. The work was conducted to the latest EN standards for pressure systems and involved complex displacements and flexible bellows to compensate movements. We delivered a solution within a tight time frame allowing our customer to achieve their engine test targets.



  • EN Compliance
  • ASME Compliance
  • Finite element analysis & simulation of complex bellows
  • Piping support modelling & design
  • Noise prediction and reduction in fluid systems
  • Design rules and guidance for low noise operation
  • Bespoke pressure vessel design to a variety of pressure codes
  • High duty flexible & fixed pipework design and design analysis to pressure codes
  • Design & non linear stress analysis of equipment
  • Report writing
  • Fluids and thermal analysis to support above

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