Latest News July 2019

July is proving to be a very busy month with our ongoing projects reaching new stages and the addition of new staff, please read on for a snapshot of our main acitivies and an introduction to some of our new employees…

Drone Scanning

Motorsport Design & Analysis

To explore commercial applications of using our drone to create 3D models we have conducted research into photogrammetry techniques. A solution for swift mapping of large project sites or structures has been obtained where photogrammetric triangulation is used to create an accurate computer model of a subject. This method was tested by generating an illustrative 3D model of our office courtyard as shown on the right at different stages of creation.

Aero-engine Gas Turbine Development Design Update

The multi-discipline use of FEA, CFD and hand calculations is well underway in the area of new engine development! Combined analytical services are being used to assess the behaviour of complex mechanical rigs and equipment. Our stress analysis team are pulling from many years of experience in differing areas of engineering to ensure the integrity of the equipment we design.

Submersible Marine Structures

We are currently investigating the application of transient shock analyses on large composite marine structures using our non-linear analysis tools. Impact from hail, floating debris, and other environmental factors will be considered and by using NDT (non destructive testing) data, we can interrogate models in areas of concern for high stresses.

New staff – Daniel Green

Daniel Green (a previous placement student sponsored by us) has returned to us after obtaining a first class masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Surrey, where he was awarded The Royal Aeronautical Society Templer Prize for distuingished performance in his degree! Daniel collaborated with us to conduct a research project into the determination of woven composite mechanical properties, creating a tool that allows us to predict certain properties of such composites, which is especially useful during conceptual design.

Placement Staff – Kristian Mahon

Kristian, a student from the University of Exeter, has recently joined us for a summer placement and has been leading the research into drone scanning (as mentioned in the article above). As well as this Kristian has been performing mesh assessments on models prior to use in CFD simulations, this ensures adequate mesh quality resulting in time savings during CFD model preparation.

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