Composite Successes Following Business Restructure

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We recently restructured our business to provide a more versatile and agile resource pool to our customers, and we’ve been seeing the benefits!

Composites design and analysis has been a core part of the Frewer Engineering service offering for twenty years since 2002, when the company was founded on the delivery of Aero-grade Composites design and analysis services, predominantly to the Space sector. Recognised and audited design authority and governance has been in place throughout this long history, geared for delivery to these highly regulated industry sectors.

Our recent restructure was implemented in response to customer and market demands for higher levels of delivery-focus, with material-agnostic design development for our Aerospace customers. The re-plan recognises the talent of our core technical Composites team and is expected to provide significant opportunities for career development, breadth-of-experience and longer-term growth.

Our customers have greater access to our technical workforce, now including engineering software developers, design specialists and structural specialists from the wider company, as well as new additions through recruitment, bringing a wealth of experience from previous organisations and projects, alongside a wider University catchment.

Frewer Engineering Composites service offering now includes:

Dharam Randhawa – has been with Frewer Engineering for approximately ten years and has been a stalwart contributor to both Composites and Metallics projects throughout. Dharam is stepping up as Engineering Lead and Technical Specialist in the field of Composites Engineering.

Alex Phillips – recently completed Masters-level qualifications alongside his full-time work. Alex carries several years of Composites design experience. Alex has most recently been leading project work supporting the Green Hydrogen Economy within the UK – part of our core Mission Statement within Frewer Engineering.

Daniel Green – is a newly-appointed Engineering Lead for Frewer Engineering. Dan has a significant history with Frewer Engineering, starting out in the design of Carbon/Glass Composite gas turbine intakes and marine excrescence systems several years ago.

Harry Buttle – joins the team full-time, bringing prior experience of Carbon Composites design for the Aerospace sector, incorporating high-temperature Cyanite Ester resin systems and carbon/Kevlar co‑moulded flexible seals.

Ben Luxmoore – starting with us as a design and analysis engineer, bringing with him significant experience from Prismatic Novel UAV Structures where he was responsible for carbon wing spar testing and the integration of new adhesives for Composite parts.

Dr Graeme Anderson – is our Technical Authority Structures for both Composites and Metallics projects, having recently led the analysis of Composite filament-wound products for deep-sea submerged systems. Graeme’s high-level governance and leadership across-the-board ensures we take a cost-effective and risk-based approach, always using the right material for the requirement.

Geoff Sherwood – is our in-house python coding expert, most recently deployed on filament winding Composites projects to author bespoke in-house software which links Composites CAD/CAM software (ComposiCAD) with our existing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software tools.

Chris Brown – has been working in Composites design for in excess of 20 years and brings a wealth of dependable talent and experience to all Composites-focussed projects. Chris has remained consistent in post as our Quality Manager and Design Manager for several years, ensuring the continued excellence of all design information issued through the business.

Peter Frewer – Remains as our long-standing Chief Engineer for all Composites design and structural assurance projects. Peter has been delivering Aerospace and Marine Composites projects since before 2002 and is the responsible Design Authority for various items of hardware which have been in successful service for many years.

Dr Richard Lock – is our newly appointed Business Development Lead for Composites projects. Richard wins and delivers project work for the business through the strong leadership of our technical team members, with a steadfast focus on pace and prioritised delivery to our customers.

The following points of contact are now set for business:

Dr Richard Lock:

Dharam Randhawa:

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