Welcome to the Frewer Engineering latest news  February 2024.

In this edition, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new Company Operations Director, who joins us at an exciting time of growth and innovation.

We also explore the ever-evolving landscape of engineering, highlighting themes such as Advanced Pipework Design, Thermal Management Solutions, and Sustainable Engineering Initiatives.

Stay tuned as we delve into these compelling topics and keep you informed of our ongoing journey of pioneering solutions and deep knowledge.

Our New Company Operations Director

This month Frewer Engineering welcomes Ashley Belton to the team as the Company Operations Director completing our recent restructure, providing a strong management team to grow our people and capabilities, whilst continuing to deliver high quality and complex projects to our customer base.

Ashley has over 30 years’ experience as a mechanical design engineer. He has spent the last five years as Engineering and Operations Manager at a 3D measurement and design company, having previously spent 20 years with a large engineering consultancy. During this time Ashley worked on a wide range of projects covering major capital equipment through to one off test rigs for a broad range of industries. This breadth and depth of experience perfectly complements the services we provide to our customer base.

Heat Management: Enhancing Machinery Reliability

Design Tools

Numerous industries rely on high-temperature machinery, where material expansion and property alterations can result in failures, time loss, and increased costs. To guarantee reliability, we employ various analytical techniques and computer simulations to forecast temperature variations and heat transfer within our customers’ equipment. This enables us to anticipate shape and property alterations during operation.Our streamlined company structure allows for rapid design iterations, ensuring quick adjustments to evolving requirements. By continuously refining our designs, we ensure that our customers experience heightened performance and increased reliability in their equipment, providing them with greater confidence and satisfaction in our solutions.

    Sustainability for Our Customers

    Thermal test

    As energy costs rise and both corporations and consumers become more aware of their environmental impact, many industries are looking for ways to minimise their energy consumption.Frewer Engineering has been working with its customers to develop innovative marine propulsion systems, allowing the shipping industry to reduce its fuel consumption and environmental impact.Our team are currently analysing a propulsion system support structure, providing feedback to the customer to aid in structural optimisation of the equipment which is exposed to various in-service and failure scenarios. Our ability to efficiently optimise structures, providing a cost-effective solution in terms of quick turnarounds and an understanding of full life-cycle costs is a key service that we provide for our customers.

    Innovating Testing Equipment Design

    Latest News December 2021

    Frewer Engineering has established a reputable brand through our extensive expertise and commitment to crafting specialised testing equipment. Across aerospace, marine, defence, and energy sectors, our legacy demonstrates our proficiency and enduring dedication to excellence, prioritising innovation alongside reliability. What makes us stand out? Our designs are imbued with time-honoured expertise, each one a culmination of years of seasoned experience. We offer scalable solutions tailored to meet a diverse range of requirements, whether for large-scale industrial operations or smaller-scale applications. Furthermore, our designs are enriched by deep industry insights, drawing from a wealth of knowledge across various sectors. Customers can rely on our established reputation and trust Frewer Engineering to continue setting industry standards in testing equipment design.

    Pioneering Pipework Design

    Latest News December 2021

    Our engineering team specialises in designing and analysing complex, high-temperature pipework systems. This involves carefully routing complex pipe runs while managing high-temperature loads within tight space constraints. Though challenging, these projects are rewarding and showcase our dedication to excellence.At Frewer, we excel in efficiently refining the design process by seamlessly integrating analysis and design iterations. This is evident in our approach to pipework projects, where we conduct numerous iterations between mechanical design, thermal structural analysis, and CFD analysis to deliver top-notch engineering solutions.

    Celebrating 20 Years
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