Latest News December 2023

Welcome to the Frewer Engineering latest news  December 2023.

As the year comes to an end, we continue to expand our abilities and support our staffs’ development.

In this edition, we’re excited to present our latest training, experimentation with new design methods, and quality assurance measures.

Join us as we explore these subjects, highlighting Frewer Engineering’s ongoing dedication to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and followers a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and prosperous 2024! It has been a pleasure working with existing clients as well as forming new relationships and we look forward to continuing these relationships whilst building new ones in the new year.

    Topology Optimisation of a Festive Rapid Delivery Vehicle

    A mechanism for a sporting gun

    As part of our continuous efforts to expand our capabilities, this month we have been experimenting with topology optimisation. This method will serve as another tool we can employ to provide customers with the most mass efficient structures possible.

    This December sees the return of a valued customer who’s back for enhancements to optimise a gift delivery service vehicle.
    The client, who prefers to remain anonymous aims to reach 91.8 million homes to deliver 32,721,712 kg of gifts in the form of adorable kittens. Achieving speeds of 39,000 mph whilst cruising at 85,000 feet, necessitated a solid steel vehicle that needed to be as light as possible without compromising its structural integrity, warranting the use of topology optimisation to meet the client’s needs.

    CFD Optimisation of Composite Structures

    Design Tools

    Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) team integrates CFD software seamlessly with a suite of composite design capabilities to produce hydrodynamic and lightweight solutions for marine propulsion applications.

    With their wealth of experience, our team iteratively models hydrodynamics with KPIs such as drag coefficient and three-dimensional contours which reveal the formation of turbulent structures to inform and optimise design solutions.

    Our skilled composite team concurrently deliver novel solutions based on CFD data, applying tailored composite weaves and lay-ups to meet challenging requirements for strength & durability.

      Engineering at Scale: Steel Structures

      Thermal test

      Designing steel structures is one of our key skills here at Frewer engineering. In response to customer requirements, we have developed several large steel structures designed to withstand significant bending moments, vibrations, and asymmetric impulse loads.

      Our dedicated design team is able to produce concepts rapidly to address each customer’s unique requirements such as packaging and manufacturing. The close connection between our design and analysis teams allows for rapid analysis of new concepts and for this analysis to efficiently feed back into the next iteration of the design. Our analysts can model many aspects of a structure, such as modal analysis, forced response and elastic plastic deformation.

      First Aid Training For Frewer Employees

      Latest News December 2021

      Dedicated to the continued professional development and wellbeing of our employees, the opportunity to take part in an accredited first aid course has been provided company wide. The day long course, run by JY Training and approved by Nuco Training will see participating Frewer employees qualified to level 3 in emergency first aid at work.

      First aid training is important for our employees as it equips them with essential skills to respond promptly and effectively in case of workplace injuries or emergencies. In an industry where employees may encounter various hazards and risks, having a trained workforce ensures swift and appropriate action, minimising the severity of injuries and potentially saving lives. Additionally, providing first aid training assures our customers that we are committed to safety and well-being within our business. Customers can trust that Frewer Engineering prioritises a safe and secure working environment.


        Securing Tomorrow’s Innovations: Cyber Essentials Certification

        Latest News December 2021

        We are excited to share our latest milestone on the path to excellence in cybersecurity. At Frewer Engineering, we are working towards our recertification of Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus.

        In an era defined by digital transformation and evolving cyber threats, safeguarding our clients’ data and ensuring the integrity of our systems is paramount. The Cyber Essentials certification is a testament to our commitment to cybersecurity best practices and trust.

        Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus certifications require a rigorous evaluation of our cybersecurity measures, including network security, access controls, malware protection, and more. By attaining these certifications, we not only protect our own operations but also enhance the security of projects we undertake.

        Celebrating 20 Years
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