Latest News November 2023

Welcome to the Frewer Engineering latest news  November 2023.

As the engineering world forges ahead, our commitment to remaining at the forefront remains steadfast.

In this edition, we’re excited to share our recent progress and methodologies across Gas Turbines, Compressors, Composites, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). From the intricacies of CFD to the precision of specialist test equipment, we’ve got a range of topics to cover.

Join us as we explore these subjects, highlighting Frewer Engineering’s ongoing dedication to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Mastering Gas Turbine Design and Analysis

The design of Gas-Turbines and associated testing equipment is one of our specialties here at Frewer Engineering. Working with leading global companies, we have refined our expertise in this field to provide the highest level of service. 

  • Gas Turbine Equipment Design: Leveraging decades of experience, we specialise in the design of combustor and compressor equipment for gas turbines, pushing the boundaries of innovation.
  • Advanced Analyses: Our seasoned engineers excel in conducting thermal and heat transfer analyses, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments, and structural evaluations under extreme conditions, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Multi-Discipline Design Expertise: We seamlessly blend advanced assessments with our multi-discipline design expertise, crafting solutions that excel across various variables and consistently meet customer requirements.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: With a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we cater to the needs of aero-engine, power, and marine gas turbine clients in both the defence and civil sectors.
  • Leading in Multi-Physics Analyses: With a rich history of experience and expertise in multi-physics analyses, including thermal, aerodynamics, and structural assessments, Frewer Engineering continues to lead the way in gas turbine equipment design and manufacturing.

    Frewer Engineering’s Composite Capabilities: Leading the Way

    Design Tools

    A core part of many modern engineering solutions relies on composite materials to meet the demands of cutting-edge applications. Having developed our services alongside these emerging technologies, we have gained a thorough understanding of how to utilise them efficiently.

    • Comprehensive Composite Solutions: Our composite experts provide end-to-end services, from concept design to laminate stack creation and optimisation, structural analysis, and detailed component planning.
    • Structural Optimisation: We empower projects by optimising structures for weight, strength, and stiffness, ensuring resilience against extreme environmental load cases.
    • Extensive Expertise: Our multi-disciplinary team, equipped with extensive practical and analytical composites experience, utilises cutting-edge composite-specific design and analysis software tools to address unique and demanding challenges.
    • Integration for Enhanced Solutions: What sets us apart is our seamless integration with the Multi-Discipline Design and Advanced Analysis teams, enabling us to offer holistic solutions that combine diverse expertise.
    • Comprehensive Support: From manufacturing specifications and composite repair guidelines to materials selection, definition of coupon testing methods, qualification for flight components, and tooling design, we provide comprehensive support for your composite projects.

      Advancing Excellence: Frewer’s Advanced CFD Capabilities

      Thermal test

      After a busy summer of hiring, our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Team has significantly expanded its expertise in high-speed aerodynamics analysis. These advanced capabilities have proven invaluable in ongoing projects requiring precise, high-fidelity results for critical design decisions. In an era increasingly reliant on data-driven solutions, we are well-equipped to offer a competitive edge in CFD.

      Our integration of these advanced methods into our structural analysis processes ensures that clients receive comprehensive solutions with unwavering confidence. This is particularly evident in applications like commercial airplanes, where transonic speeds introduce complex phenomena that can impact both aerodynamics and structural integrity. Recognizing the challenges of designing for maximum performance within tight constraints, our experienced CFD team excels in analysing a wide range of Mach Numbers and deciphering associated flow physics. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to lead the way in aerospace innovation, delivering holistic solutions that meet the industry’s evolving demands.

      Championing Sustainability: Our Green Initiatives

      Latest News December 2021

      Our team thrives on innovative projects, particularly those with a sustainability focus, and we collaborate with clients on high-level process layout, analysis, and the development of new products and initiatives.

      • Expertise in Sustainability-Driven Fields: With extensive experience in energy storage systems, energy generation systems, and hydrogen handling, we contribute to the global goal of achieving Net Zero emissions.
      • Energy Storage Solutions: We focus on developing efficient and eco-friendly energy storage solutions to support sustainability efforts.
      • Renewable Energy Generation: In the field of energy generation, we explore innovative methods to harness renewable resources and advance clean energy initiatives.
      • Commitment to Clean Hydrogen: Our involvement in hydrogen handling underscores our commitment to a clean energy source, contributing to the decarbonisation of various industries. Through our expertise and collaboration, we aim to play a pivotal role in ushering in a greener, Net Zero future.


      Tailoring Testing Equipment: Crafting Solutions for Unique Needs

      Latest News December 2021

      At Frewer Engineering, we use our extensive industry experience to provide designs for bespoke testing equipment adapted to each customers’ use case.
      One reason for needing custom equipment is when test specimens have unusual shapes, making mounting them in traditional equipment challenging. Using the resources available to us, such as Finite Element Analysis and industry contacts, we are able to customise the test apparatus to securely mount all manner of unique specimens without compromising the test results.

      Through close collaboration, we integrate our bespoke designs into our customers’ existing testing equipment. This reduces the need for both new equipment and staff training to use it. Discussion with our customers’ suppliers allows for designs and drawings to be adjusted to exploit their preferred manufacturing methods and materials, reducing costs and lead time.

      Empowering Engineers: Navigating the Path of Continuous Personal Development with the IMechE

      A mechanism for a sporting gun

      This month we hosted a representative from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) at our head office, as part of our ongoing commitment to professional development. The visit served as a catalyst for advancing our staff’s individual journeys toward achieving Chartered Engineer and Fellowship status.

      The IMechE expert provided valuable insights, guidance, and resources tailored to the specific needs of our team members, fostering a collaborative environment that supports continuous learning and growth. As we collectively strive for excellence, this partnership underscores our dedication to empowering our staff with the knowledge and skills essential for success in delivery to our customers. We look forward to further collaboration with the IMechE in nurturing a culture of expertise and innovation within our organisation.

      Autumn Graduate Intake

      Our Customers

      Frewer Engineering continues to expand with our new Autumn 2023 graduate intake made up of Michael Chapman and Joshua Watson.

      Michael joins us with an MSc in Aerodynamics and Computation from the University of Southampton, where Michael achieved a Distinction in his MSc thesis, entitled ‘The Effect of Rakes on Diffuser Performance’.

      Joshua joins us having graduated with Distinction from the University of Brunel in London. Joshua has extensive project experience of battery thermal management systems for Electric Vehicles, as well as machine learning as applied to fluid dynamics.

      Celebrating 20 Years
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