Latest News October 2023

Welcome to the Frewer Engineering latest news  October 2023.

As the world of engineering propels forward, our commitment to staying at the cutting edge remains unyielding.

This month, we’re excited to delve into some of our recent advancements and methodologies. From the thrilling realm of hypersonic CFD to the intricate dynamics captured by MSC Dytran simulations, we’ve got it covered.

That’s not all—our focus on specialist test equipment ensures precision in every project, and our exploration into Python coding reveals the limitless potential of advanced data analysis. Join us as we unpack these topics, underscoring Frewer Engineering’s relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of our operations.

Hypersonics and CFD Analysis: Research-Driven Excellence

In the evolving landscape of hypersonic flight, research isn’t just beneficial—it’s paramount. At Frewer Engineering, our capabilities go beyond just application; they are deeply rooted in rigorous research.

Mesh: A cornerstone of our research efforts lies in advanced meshing techniques. This ensures our simulations don’t just skim the surface, but delve deep, capturing intricate aerodynamic details.

Thermal Effects: With hypersonic speeds introducing immense thermal challenges, our research-centric approach has empowered us to integrate leading-edge models for studying intense thermal effects, safeguarding designs against extreme conditions.

Adaptive Methods: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Backed by a team of experts and a strong research foundation, we possess the flexibility to adapt our methods based on unique customer requirements.

At Frewer Engineering, our expertise in flow analysis is a marriage of deep knowledge and dynamic adaptability. We are poised not just to respond to the needs of today but to anticipate and shape the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

    Unlocking Precision and Safety with MSC Dytran

    Design Tools

    Some of our more specialised work lies in dynamic impact simulation, using explicit dynamic solvers. This can bring the following to our customers:

    Advanced Dynamic Impact Simulation: our consultancy excels in advanced dynamic impact simulation using solvers such as MSC Dytran, enabling accurate modelling and analysis of dynamic events, crucial in fast-paced manufacturing. This ensures potential issues are anticipated and resolved, upholding the highest safety and quality standards.

    Comprehensive Design Optimisation: our team is highly skilled in optimising designs, investigating impact protection, and enhancing crash safety through dynamic impact modelling. We provide insights and solutions to enhance product durability and safety, empowering clients to make informed decisions for improved performance and reliability.

    Cost-Efficient Simulation and Validation: our approach combines simplified models and hand calculations for validation, enhancing the credibility of our simulations while reducing time and costs compared to physical testing. This strategy ensures cost-efficient testing that yields valuable data and identifies key sensor and instrumentation locations, streamlining the development process.

    Years of Dedication: Mastery in Specialised Testing Equipment

    Thermal test

    At Frewer Engineering, our reputation is built on a foundation of expertise and time-honoured dedication to the design and analysis of specialised testing equipment. This isn’t just a service; it’s a hallmark of our brand, reflecting years of our commitment.

    Across aerospace, marine, defence, and energy sectors, our legacy stands testament to our proficiency. We’re not about fleeting trends; we’re about consistent, unparalleled excellence paired with a respect and appreciation for the right level of innovation.

    What makes us unparalleled? 

    1. Time-Tested Expertise: Years of experience encapsulated in every design.
    2. Scale Flexibility: Solutions crafted for both large and small-scale needs.
    3. Deep Industry Insights: Every design is a fusion of knowledge from diverse sectors. 

    Rely on the established. Trust in Frewer Engineering. Together, let’s continue to set industry benchmarks in testing equipment design.

    Leveraging Data Analysis Techniques for Efficiency

    Latest News December 2021

    Committed to leading-edge engineering technologies, our team recently underwent training at the IMechE on Python coding for advanced data analysis and AI. This training is already benefiting our analysis projects, streamlining both pre- and postprocessing stages.

    An example of this in use is on a live project for the Whittle Laboratory, where we are designing a gas turbine test facility. As part of the structural assessment, we have conducted a forced response vibrational FEA. This involves assessing deflections, loads, and stresses by combining multiple engine order frequencies. These analyses generate vast data. Our engineers have innovated bespoke scripting tools to analyse such data sets, significantly boosting processing speed and delivering enhanced detail. These adaptable tools promise greater efficiency and superior outcomes for future projects.


    Our Commitment to a Sustainable Energy Future

    Latest News December 2021

    At Frewer Engineering, our dedication to the Energy Transition remains unwavering. We are at the forefront of groundbreaking collaborations with prominent start-ups and leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), playing an instrumental role in advancing hydrogen technologies, energy storage, and green aerospace solutions.

    With over 20 years of rich experience, we pride ourselves on our advanced thermal analysis, innovative design, and precise flow modelling, outcomes of which stand testament to numerous successful projects. These capabilities not only showcase our specialisms but also underscore our ability to integrate multiple services into a comprehensive turnkey solution for our clients.

    Choose Frewer Engineering, and you’re choosing a partner committed to your vision, ensuring that you stay ahead in this evolving landscape. Let us be your bridge to the future, providing the tools and expertise needed to lead the charge in a sustainable world.

    Filament Wound Composites: Our Pioneering Approach

    A mechanism for a sporting gun

    A pivotal aspect of Frewer Engineering’s ethos is our unwavering commitment to innovation and precision. Through our specialised, internally-developed coding techniques, we’ve achieved breakthroughs in reading and interpreting composite filament winding data. For our valued clients, this translates into increased accuracy in modelling winding patterns, whilst streamlining our design approach.

    The result? Pressure vessel designs that stand out not only for their reliability but also for their superior optimisation, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of engineering excellence.

    Update from the MD: Expansion and Enhanced IT Performance

    Our Customers

    Over the past month, we have advanced our expansion, with a new analysis-focused recruit and four more set to join next year. Our growing team is fully equipped to address our customers’ needs!

    Thanks to our increased computing power, we’ve substantially reduced model running times for CFD and FEA simulations. This efficiency not only delivers faster solutions but also facilitates refined design iterations for our clients.

    As we approach the next month, we’re gearing up for our Cyber Essentials Plus maintenance audit, reinforcing our commitment to IT network security, and assuring our clients of our steadfast dedication to data protection.

    Celebrating 20 Years
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