Latest News May 2019

May has seen us take on more new staff, establish further, our newly launched CFD Analysis service and much more – see below for an update…

CFD Analysis Service Gains Further Pace

Our CFD analysis service is proving popular to our customers in the field of submersed noise and vibration analysis along with complex thermo-fluid analysis of component internal aerodynamics to reduce wakes etc. Our preferred (MSC) analysis tools including scFLOW (plus others) allow us to model noise, wake effects and much more, this coupled with our composite structures capability is proving to be highly sought after. We are now a member of the ADS group, this membership is an important part of our company development in terms of aerospace and defence market growth. ADS will give us assistance with personnel security clearances, the ability to network with potential clients and much more!

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New Team Member: Graeme

Graeme Anderson joins us (as Technical Authority – Structures) having a wealth of experience over many years within an engineering consulting organisation. He will be leading our team of analysis engineers across all of our market activities and considerably boosts our ability to perform shock, impact and heavily non-linear events. Graeme has a wealth of experience using LS-Dyna for the modelling of impact and crash-worthiness problems for the nuclear, transport and other industries. This coupled with his knowledge of the ASME pressure strength codes gives a power boost to our analysis team!

Gas Turbine Development Engineering

We remain busy in the field of gas turbine aero-engine development and are currently engaged in the design of ground test equipment for future engines. This area of our team is getting a boost as more staff join us in June to bolster our capability for much larger scale projects. Read more about this in our next newsletter…

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Submersible Marine Structures

Carbon and glass fibre structures subjected to high fluid and dynamic shock loading continue to be a big part of our business operations. This area of our operations is also getting a boost as Matthew Jeffreys, our new head of composites, gets to grips with both our existing and emerging customers demands. PTC Creo and our composite and non-linear analysis tools are playing an important role in this field. We have recently added two further seats of PTC Creo 3D CAD to aid with the work load for our customers.

Composite Structures

Our guy at the University of Surrey (Daniel Green) is working on research and development to characterise material properties of complex woven materials. This will give us our own data base with the ability to predict mechanical properties of these materials prior to testing!

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Alex is studying!

Alex Phillips, one of our developing engineers, is being funded by us to complete further graduate studies to assist on the route in becoming a Chartered Engineer! Alex is currently involved in both composite and lightweight metallic design activities for our customers and developing into an important part of our team.

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