Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Frewer Engineering and welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter in 2023.


In this issue we provide an update on some of our main services and recent projects as well as data security.


Efficiency in CFD Assessments


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) offer a plethora of challenges to an engineer, notably the computing time and cost of running a model. Even with impressive computing power, in schedule driven projects, CFD can often govern the critical path to delivery, making the experience to implement the right balance of accuracy and efficiency invaluable.

At Frewer, we champion customised solutions poised to deliver results at the right resolution. We have recently been modelling sections of a gas turbine test rig, harnessing a combination of implicitly represented flow conditioning features using porous media modelling techniques, with highly accurate shape-oriented polyhedral meshing around critical flow directing structures. This told us everything we needed to know to decisively inform concept down-selection with KPIs such as average swirl angle, velocity uniformity & flow reversal metrics, and still gave us time to assess a variety of different concepts.

Composite Gas Turbine Engine Intakes

Happy New Year from Frewer Engineering!

Over the years, the Frewer team have been involved in the design and analysis of various intakes for gas turbine engines, for marine and aerospace applications. For aero-engine testing use, these structures are predominantly constructed of carbon and glass composite.

We have a vast experience of designing such structures, ensuring structural integrity as well as tuning for dynamic response, such as preventing excitation at engine running frequencies. Further challenges arise when these test intakes are fitted with instrumentation and occasionally even large plastic windows for laser measurement of the flow within.

We employ our extensive composites knowledge and agile structural optimisation capabilities, to ensure stringent shape and stiffness requirements are met, providing a safe pair of hands and efficient service to our customers.

Explosive Atmospheres Safety Assessments

Ventilation pipework

Recently at Frewer we have been conducting explosive atmospheres safety assessment analysis in accordance with BS EN 60079. This work is in support of the development of an upgraded suite of hydrogen fuel cell test stands which are scheduled to enter service this year.

A key part of the customer’s safety case is designing against the possibility of dangerous environmental conditions developing in the event of a leak or catastrophic failure. Adequate ventilation systems must be put in place to ensure sufficient dilution of potential explosive atmospheres to below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Our team have developed bespoke analysis tools to aid the development of complex system pipework and thermal management systems. This analysis requires the prediction of possible leak flow rates and identifying areas where higher gas concentrations may build up. The results provide guidance on required ventilation flow rates and any additional mitigation measures.

Challenges of Gas Turbine Equipment Design

Gas turbine engine

Our team have decades of experience in the design of gas turbine equipment and our capabilities extend across many parts of an engine and its support structure. Recently our team have been involved in the design of combustor and compressor equipment, which are particularly challenging.

Whether it’s thermal and heat transfer analysis of complex cooling systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments of airflow or structural assessments at extreme pressures and temperatures, our team of experienced engineers regularly rise to the challenge. Combining these advanced assessments with our multi-discipline design expertise allows us to optimise designs against a range of variables, ensuring we meet customer’s requirements, with an efficient and cost-effective offering.

Nuclear Equipment Expertise

Advanced Engineering Division

Nuclear fusion, the process of combining atomic nuclei to release energy, has long been hailed as the holy grail of energy generation. The reaction is proven in the sun and the challenge remains to reproduce this reaction, in a stable fashion, here on Earth. The prize is high energy-density, without the drawbacks of greenhouse gas and other dangerous waste products.

Frewer Engineering has significant retained expertise in the nuclear sector, from reactor core design to the analysis of impact and seismic fault-cases, engagement with nuclear regulators and the design of bespoke shielding systems to reduce dose-uptake. The company has a team of experts with extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of nuclear plant, both fission and fusion.

Supporting Out Of This World Ventures

Space ground support equipment

In the space industry, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is the hardware and machinery used to support service vehicles and equipment, this can include everything from cranes and hoists to launch pads and fuelling systems.

At Frewer Engineering, we offer a design and analysis service for ground support equipment to ensure it is safe, efficient, and effective. We have a team of experts who have decades of experience with the specific requirements of the space industry and our state-of-the-art technology and analysis tools allow us to efficiently and rigorously optimise GSE designs.

Alongside GSE, our engineering team possess key capabilities in areas such as launch analysis simulation of folded array antennas, design of rocket motor mechanical control structures and much more. Our goal is to help our clients create innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet their unique needs.

Commitment to Data Security

Composite component

We are currently working towards our annual re-accreditation to Cyber Essentials Plus, having already achieved our re-accreditation for the standard Cyber Essentials. This is an in-depth process but ensures we are up to date with the latest security protocols across our IT system. Customer data security and confidentiality is one of our top priorities and continued accreditation with Cyber Essentials Plus is vital in ensuring this.

2023 will see us investing further in our IT systems to allow further growth in our analysis intensive modelling – both CFD and complex structural analysis such as cyclic symmetric simulations (compressor blades and disc modelling).

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